Strategies To Follow To Score Higher In Medical Exams 

When preparing for medical exams, every student hopes to get higher marks. But not every participant achieves the same due to the difference in their studying habits and the routine they follow. In addition, if the student plans out their study routine strategically, there are higher chances of clearing the medical exams. Some specific tips and tricks will help the students to score better in the exams. To achieve well in Preparing for the Consortium of Thai Medical Schools exam (เตรียม สอบ , which is the term in Thai), you first know what kind of learning habits works for you.

Your Learning Style

Learning is a process which is the same for everyone but occurs differently for every individual. Suppose you wish to know how to learn and memorize faster first; you have to know what kind of a learner are you. There are three kinds of learners, visual, auditory and tactile learners. Different tests will help you find out on the internet to know your learning style. Visual learners are the ones that find it easy to memorize flow charts and diagrams and find it easier when words are presented in different colours. But auditory learners prefer to listen to someone learn rather than read about it. Tactile learners like to be actively involved in group work and studies to understand better. While preparing for the Consortium of Thai Medical Schools exam, one should know the kind of learning style they follow to score well in the medical exams. 

Prepare The Schedule

Having a study schedule is a must for students as it creates discipline for the exams. Listing down your routine, subject syllabus, and sub-topics will sort the things out for you beforehand. When making the schedule, make combinations of the more accessible subjects with the complex issues, creating a balance and making it easy for you to concentrate while studying. 

Make Notes

Making notes is an old trick to learn better. However, people tend to gravitate more towards digital messages in the digital world. However, from the research findings, it has been found that making your notes to prepare for the Consortium of Thai Medical Schools exam will help you learn better and faster. Plus, the retrieval of the topics will be much easier and better when you make your notes. So, make your notes before the exams and keep revising them for better storage in the memory.  

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