The Benefits of English Literature in Education

English Literature is a staple in British schools and is seen as a compulsory subject in education right up until your child reaches GCSE age. It’s an important step to take for children and is a great way to develop your child’s skills naturally over time. In this guide from a pre prep school in North London, we explore the benefits English Literature brings to students.

It teaches children more than just the basics

English Literature goes beyond the classroom. A lot of benefits can be seen in clubs, local activities, reading and even just developing regular hobbies. What you learn in an English lesson is going to transfer to other classes such as History, Business Studies and any other subject that relies on analytical thought. In other ways, English Literature broadens a student’s horizons in becoming aware of different cultures, traditions and appreciations of the world.

Helps to develop a child’s reading and writing skills

Both of these skills will become hugely important when your child reaches exam age, especially as you’ll be required to pick up different questions in an exam and answer them correctly. Reading and writing will become very core skills in a person’s development and will greatly help a child’s ability to analyse written text, develop real opinions, and be able to communicate more effectively.

Can often teach your child about the world we live in

The world we are born into often changes in its time, and children will be experiencing other issues in comparison to what you may have dealt with. These moments help students learn about how to come to terms with these difficult moments in life. Stories can teach children about common issues, more widely known issues and even the small things that you may not have thought about before. All of these better develop a child’s awareness of the world and its many issues we have to face.

Will allow students to explore different ways to communicate

We all communicate in different ways depending on our particular needs and ways of thinking. It’s not a drawback as to how we improve our skills, rather, it’s learning about how we can talk to others and socialise in our own ways. 

English Literature encompasses a lot of different ways of allowing us to communicate – from reading body language from another person, noticing a person’s feelings, to how a person interacts with you personally.

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