Why Should One Prefer Studying In Singapore?

Over the last decade, enrolling in a Singaporean school has become a trend. Many parents are now sending their kids abroad for education right from the school level. Singapore has a solid and value-based education system and curriculum. Invictus Singapore international school is one of the most well-known schools in the country. Following are the some of the reasons why you should prefer getting your education in Singapore

Learning From Results Is Preferred Over Memorizing

In most schools of most countries, learning is just rote learning and not gaining value from what we know. There is an unfair comparison based on how well one can remember everything in the printed books and not how one can apply what they learned. But in the Singaporean education system, the principle of “teach less, learn more” is imbibed.

Teaching Isn’t Just Telling

In Singapore, learning is through experimentation which means that children are taught to experiment and analyze based on their judgment. When we are told what to do or what the information is, we’re less likely to retain that information. Instead, if we learn on our own about why something happens and the reasons behind it, that creates a more significant impact.

Educators Are Tested Thoroughly And Given Quality Training

A person must have a Bachelor’s Degree for enrolling in the training program for being an educator, and a percentage of 5 of the total candidates clear that training. Because of this thorough inspection of one’s abilities, only candidates who are academically and emotionally capable become an educator. The National Institute of Education (NIE) organizes this training program. Educators must undergo performance assessments periodically to ensure that high-quality education is imparted to the students.

Well-Researched And Planned Curriculum

The curriculum is well analyzed and planned according to the learning and retaining abilities of the children. The system is designed based on how much a child can comprehend at a particular age. It helps the kids learn slowly and steadily, and everything isn’t dumped at once. It lessens the mental stress of children.

The main pro of enrolling yourself in a country abroad for school education is that you will already be familiar with the living situations, getting into good colleges, and getting scholarships in that country. It will make your life easier. Singapore is witnessing a rise in the number of international students because of its world-class education system.

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