Why O Level Physics Tuition Is In Demand

Many students find O Level Physics the most difficult subject to master, which is why O Level Physics tuition is really sought after. It may be because this is a compulsory subject for science stream students, or it may be that it is just really hard. Whatever the reason, there are many who have difficulty understanding how to solve questions in O Level Physics paper 1 & 2, and their grades suffer accordingly.

This article looks at why many people choose tuition help for Physics.

Towards the end of Secondary 3, students get to pick 6 subjects for their O levels. Some are brilliant at English but have no interest in Maths; some love Chemistry but study like zombies during Science lessons; some rock at Computing (though I hope not many) but can’t spell to save their lives. The point is, not everyone has the same depth of interest or aptitude towards every subject.

Science students are particularly disadvantaged because they have to take Physics as one of their subjects for O levels. It makes sense that many smart Science students want tuition help for Physics – to supplement their general study methods with specific tips on the paper itself. To be sure, there are plenty of good Art and Humanities students who also need tuition help for this tricky subject!

The O Level syllabus comprises 28 chapters in total, which are subdivided into modules (modules A1/A2 is module 1; B1/B2 is module 2 etc). There are 15 papers, each comprising 2 modules. Each examination paper lasts 1.5 hours, with 100 questions to be answered within that time.

Physics is unique in that it has no “chapters”. This is because Physics encompasses topics from the following modules: A1/A2 (classical mechanics), B1/B2 (waves and optics); C1/C2 (electricity and magnetism); D1/D2 (fields); E1/E2, F1/F2 & G1/G2 (atomic physics). The external examiner who set the paper said there were no chapters! If you do not cover all these topics thoroughly during your studies, this would certainly affect your marks. In fact I suspect the paper was designed to catch outstudents who thought they could do well in Physics without spending much time on it.

I will not go into what each module is about. If you want to know, the best way is to ask your teacher or download a Physics syllabus. But what I can tell you is that O Level Physics question types include:

– Knowledge (statement of theories and laws)

– Understanding (application of theories and laws)

– Application (problem solving)

– Data interpretation (graphical representation of data through tables & diagrams).These question types are also found in the Assessment Tests and Sample Papers.

No doubt students will do much better when they know what to expect from their Physics paper. So why not download these resources online and use them in conjunction with tuition help? You should be able to improve in your Physics grades after learning the common question types, and knowing how to tackle them.

Physics tuition at The Science Academy will give you the edge – and not only for your O Levels – because Physics underpins or is associated with many other subjects and lessons.

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