Tips to Approach Pharmacology  – Video Lectures, MCQs & Important Topics

Most medical students fear the subject of Pharmacology during their MBBS journey. One of the reasons behind this is the fact that it consists of thousands of drugs, their nature, and their effects on pathogens. Pharmacology involves extensive study of both natural and synthetic drugs. This subject is often referred to as a bridge science as it involves concepts and phenomena from other disciplines of science. Knowledge and skills are extremely important for multidisciplinary Pharmacology training. For mastering this subject, a student has to come up with a unique perspective that will meet the criteria for drug, hormone, and chemical-related issues in the human body.

Few Tips to Study Pharmacology

  1. Group the drugs:Most students find the names of drugs quite complex. A student must group the names in order to remember them according totheir functions. This activity is also known as the chunking method. As compared to memorizing individual names of drugs and related functions, it is easier to recollect a class of drugs and their characteristics.
  2. Form questions that will lead you to answers: Form a specific question or a set of 2-3 questions that will lead you to recall all information related to a particular drug or a class of drugs. If you go through Pharmacology lectures, you will find frequently asked questions like – how the body reacts when a particular disease happens? Or, how a human body normally reactsto a disease? These questions lead to particular drugs with therapeutic value. You can consider devising similar questionsin order to understand and remember unique drug interactions and important Pharmacology topics.
  3. Every drug has limited or extensive side effects: To understand them, you can take a few steps. Firstly, create an effective learning strategy. Secondly, focus on the body’s reaction parameters like – the rate of heartbeat, blood sugar levels, amount of urination, blood pressure, the balance of fluids in the body, etc. Thirdly, use flashcards that havethe names and functions of the drugs mentioned. You can carry those flashcards anywhere and keep revising. It is also important to interlink the concepts of Pharmacology. The concepts related to the fundamentals of Pharmacology are related to each other. Link them, use your criticalanalytical skills to put them together and see the bigger picture,and understand the mechanism of action. You can seek help from the best Pharmacology videos online to know how to accomplish these tasks.
  4. Keep your focus persistent: Due to the vastness of the subject, it is not unusual to confuse the names or functions of drugs, or little details related to them. In such cases, do not stress yourself. Rather a student must keep on learning further concepts and revise the pre-learned topics from time to time. You can find several tips and tricks in online Pharmacology lectures that usually prove to be of immense help to MBBS students.

For long-term retention of names of drugs, get guidance from renowned Pharmacology faculty. Pharmacology is a tricky subject that becomes easy to learn and remember when a few tips and tricks are followed. They can prove to be super helpful to Pharmacology students.


1. Is there any strategy to prepare for Pharmacology?

Ans. There is one thing you can do. Whenever you come across the name of any new drug, note it down. Later, research all about that particular drug. Try to classify it under the drug classification you have created for yourself. Solve general Pharmacology MCQs that are related to that particular drug. This way you can amass information about a lot of drugs and complete your Pharmacology syllabus faster.

2. What are the initial challenges faced by Pharmacology students?

Ans. The organization of drugs is the first thing a Pharmacology student must accomplish. If a student finds this task difficult, he/she can seek help from India’s most sought-after Pharmacology faculty. DigiNerve is a renowned learning platform that offers online Pharmacology courses.

3. How to master the five principles of Pharmacology?

Ans. Be it lecture notes or any other form of study materials, always follow top-quality content. The branches of Pharmacology are interconnected- to understand one, a Pharmacology student needs to know the rest. But then, the best way to master the five principles is to proceed as per directions given by Pharmacology subject experts.


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