Importance of Education for Kids

Most children dread Mondays because they know that they will have to wait another five days before they can take a rest from their studies. Also, the initial enthusiasm that we see in children to go to school may not exist after a few days. As they grow up, the topics they study will change and become more difficult, thus making them lose interest in studying. But we know that education is an essential part of children’s lives, which will help them conquer many things in life. Among the different changes witnessed by the education system due to the pandemic, online learning for kids has been a hit as it entertained as well as educated them holistically.

Apart from gaining knowledge on different subjects and topics, we can nurture good habits and manners in our children through education. As everything has turned online for a while, getting the apt resources was the greatest concern of parents and teachers. Since stories, poems and essays have the potential to grab the attention of children, most of the learning is focused on these areas. Though they will be eager to listen to stories and recite poems, we may not find this excitement when they learn how to write essays. Hence, we must give them easy topics like Myself essay, My Family essay or My Best Friend essay to develop their interest in learning and writing. 

Benefits of Online Learning

Isn’t it a wonder to see the whole world opening up in just a few clicks on the laptop or computer? When the lockdown was imposed due to the pandemic, everyone was concerned about their children’s education and future. But despite the uncertainties, online learning had thrived, and children were too happy to sit in their homes and listen to classes rather than wear their uniforms and travel to schools. Here are some benefits of online learning from the perspectives of both parents and kids.

  • Ease of access and comfort – Imagine how much effort both parents and children have to make while going to school. From getting up early and preparing meals and lunch boxes to packing the bags and dropping them off after a long traffic jam, we have to endure many troubles while leaving for school. But with the online learning mode, all these problems have ceased to exist as children can learn in the comfort of their homes with just a laptop and a good internet connection.
  • Personalisation – Unlike in a classroom, where there is only a single teacher to cater to the needs of many students, online learning gives the freedom to connect with their teachers any time they want. Besides, online learning for kids is ideal for those who have different learning styles. Some of them may pick things faster during the lecture, while others learn by themselves. We can also find kids who grasp topics either by reading or by watching educational videos. There are also some others who can quickly absorb the matter when they learn in small groups. Online education will cater to all these demands of children, and hence, it is a convenient form of learning for them.
  • Self-learning –  The greatest advantage to online learning from the viewpoint of parents is that they need not waste their energy shouting to children to come and study. With the advent of online learning, children can study whenever and however they want. Since kids will be keen to watch videos and work on colourful worksheets on gadgets, they will be sharp on time for their online classes. Their homes will also be a little less messy as all the study resources and materials are available online and in PDF format. 

Thus, online education provides a better opportunity to expand their knowledge and build their skill set from the confines of their homes. Through online learning for kids, let us create a space for them to grow holistically. Among the vast pool of resources in the form of stories, poems, essays and GK questions offered by BYJU’S, let us stir their interests through simple and fun topics. Apart from Myself essay, you can find bedtime stories, Panchatantra stories, If I Were An Apple poem and many such interesting contents on our website. 

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