H.E. Marvin Rauf — Supplying People With Education, Clothes & Aid

Marvin Rauf is an English businessman and Ambassador At Large for the Intergovernmental Institution for operating Microalgae Spirulina Against Malnutrition (IIMSAM) spectator to the United Nations Economic and Social Council. He is the inventor of the nonprofit organization Marvelous Foundation.

Rauf was born and grown in England. Rauf’s parents are of Jamaican and Kashmiri descent. When he was 15, Rauf began dealing in antiques with his grandmother’s advice. He obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in IT and Graphic Design and his doctorate from Cambridge University in 2010.

Rauf started his profession in Hallmark Cards. He was a Graduate Graphic designer. He launched numerous design, print, transportation, telecommunications, household waste, and metal recycling businesses. Rauf’s businesses have constructed employment opportunities for ex-offenders, homeless young adults, and young adults. In 2012, he launched the Marvelous Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps African communities. 

In 2021, Rauf became an ambassador at large for the Intergovernmental Institution for the use of Microalgae Spirulina Against Malnutrition (IIMSAM) observer to the United Nations Economic and Social Council. Secretary general H.E. Remigio Maradona appointed him. And he achieved His Excellency Status (2021).

Rauf advocates for the poverty-stricken communities in the most challenging-to-reach areas by providing access to education and providing clothes, aid, food, and livestock to help reduce poverty and malnutrition. He was born in the United Kingdom to Jamaican and Kashmiri parents, currently residing in the United Arab Emirates. 

Rauf is an Enthusiastic Entrepreneur passionate about Music due to his diverse and multicultural upbringing. He understands the power and message music conveys and its influence to bring people of all cultures and backgrounds together.

“I believe that schooling is key to enhancing the future health and well-being of the slight fortunate – Marvin Rauf.”

Since Rauf is dedicated to inspiring leaders and business people alike to prioritize assisting countries with developing their projects on improving education. He puts in his time to work on such matters and teaches others to do what is good, Rauf preaches. 

Rauf, as part of the Marvelous Foundation, visited Nairobi, Kenya. The Foundation assisted the Good Samaritan Rehabilitation Center and Children’s Home. In 2012, Rauf visited the Gambia and invested money in rural communities’ water and sanitation projects. 

As Ambassador At Large for IIMSAM, Rauf works in association with the United Nations in scientific analysis and humanitarian use of microalgae spirulina as edibles.

Many people rely on what they are going to get served from the legalized authorities in the government. This expectation isn’t something wrong or too much to ask for, instead specifies that the state’s government does take preventive measures for the public as a primary duty.

Rauf is an individual making many other people who want to enter such governmental roles realize the importance of the designation by giving people the rights and help they deserve. 

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