Fun ways to fill time when waiting for a train with the kids

One thing that no one enjoys – be they child or adult – is waiting. Waiting for a train is frustrating for parents, and even more boring for children. So, if you know that you’ll be stuck waiting for a train with your little ones, the question is what can you do?

Here are some fun ways to fill time when waiting for a train with the kids.

1. Watching free kids cartoons

Cartoons are a great way for your kids to pass the time when waiting for a train. For parents, they will help to keep their kids still and entertained and distract them from the boredom of waiting. From the child’s perspective, they will get to enjoy some entertainment that will keep their attention and teach them some important life lessons along the way.

2. Playing I spy

Eye spy is a timeless classic that be played anywhere, anytime. If you haven’t played before, the rules are simple: Take turns with one person choosing a letter (say A for example) and saying the following phrase “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with A”. Then everyone takes turns to find the thing that was spotted.

Make sure it’s something that everyone can see!

3. A word game

There are plenty of great word games that you can play! For example, you can pick a category, and take turns naming things that fit within that category, such as colours. If someone can’t come up with an original answer or repeats an answer, the game ends and you pick a new one.

For an extra challenge, you must name something that starts with the last letter of the previous answer.

4. Which animal am I?

This is a fun guessing game that you can play with kids of any age. The game starts with someone thinking of an animal and everyone else asks questions to guess what the animal is, such as “does it fly?” or “does it swim?”. Whoever guesses the animal correctly gets to go next.

5. Practice times tables and spelling

The time spent waiting for a train can be used to further your children’s education. You can practice times tables, spelling, or any other skills that will help your kids progress at school.

6. Play cards

As a parent, taking a deck of cards with you everywhere you go is a lifesaver. Teach your kids a few simple games and you’ll be able to play them almost anywhere and anytime. Some good suggestions are snap or crazy eights.

7. Build a story one sentence at a time

This is another simple game that will inspire your child’s imagination. Start off with a simple sentence to begin a story such as “Once upon a time in a far, far, away land”, then take turns with your kids to tell a story one sentence at a time.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the many fun ways that you and your kids can spend the time spent waiting for a train.

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