Benefits of Yoga for you child:

Children are prone to contagious diseases; therefore, immunity building becomes of primary importance. Therefore, Yoga helps a child enhance flexibility, immunity, and agility to think on their feet while maintaining a good heart rhythm and healthy digestive system. Sitting with hours of concentration in the classroom becomes a matter of ease. Physical health is the immediate change in Yoga, but its power is profound and stimulates inner transformation. Ekya Schools and CMRNPS are equipped with a Yoga instructor who can help your child in their journey toward holistic fitness.

Ten Yoga Asanas to do with your child:

1. Ustrasana

Also known as camel pose, Ustrasana enhances children’s back and shoulders. It also improves energy levels and digestion power. Apart from the physical benefits, it also has emotional benefits enabling your child to gain confidence.

2. Bhastrika

Bhastrika increases the oxygen supply in the body. Therefore, it is suitable for overall health and immunity-building.

3. Bhramari

This pose is also known as the bee breath. It is a calm and relaxing exercise that boosts concentration.

4. Eagle pose

Performing and perfecting the eagle pose is the way out if you want your child to have excellent body balance and posture.

5. Lion pose

The lion pose is the easiest and most relaxing as it throws out tension stored in the body. In addition, it improves blood circulation in the face and chest while simulating the eye nerves, keeping them healthy and sharp.

6. Downward dog

The downward dog pose is popular and prominent for a reason. It improves brain function; therefore, it is a beneficial asana.

7. Table pose

Since a child obtains a developing body, strengthening bones is one of the crucial aspects of one’s growth. The table pose helps strengthen wrists, arms and shoulder bones while stretching the spine.

8. Warrior pose

True to its name, this pose, taking on the warrior form, helps improve the child’s confidence. It stretches and strengthens the shoulders, arms and back muscles.

9. Forward bending pose

This pose will help your little one calm their mind. In addition, it reduces stress and fatigue through the hips, hamstrings and calves relaxation.

10. Tree pose

The tree pose will help improve your child’s balance and strengthen their core. It also seeps deep to relax the central nervous system.


If you are looking for International Schools in Bangalore which include Yoga in their curriculum, check out Ekya schools located at JP Nagar, BTM Layout, ITPL, Byrathi and NICE road. Believing that Yoga will help the child’s self-control, concentration power and overall well-being, Ekya schools have included Yoga in their curriculum. Students from grades I to X have yoga classes every week. Ekya schools, the top schools in Bangalore, also celebrate International Yoga Day, where children are encouraged to do simple asanas.


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