Asian American Admits To Elite Universities

In education, preparing for college applications is typically emphasized as the next step towards success. However, preparation for college applications involves searching for how to get into Harvard or other top universities online and other relevant information. 

There are many other aspects to consider when it comes to preparing for college applications, such as your personal goals and the course you want to take. Another consideration is the requirements for application which may vary in elite universities.

Given the surge in applications to elite universities, the competition for admissions is at an all-time high. Asian Americans, in particular, are usually held at a higher standard for admission, facing discrimination and the cutthroat competitions for a spot in the university where they want to study. 

With this, AdmissionSight had released a report on the number of Asian American admissions to elite universities. Some crucial findings are how there are limited seats for Asian Americans at elite institutions. Asian Americans typically consist between 20% to 25% of the student body in elite universities despite having the highest academic record in GPA and SAT scores of any other minority groups.

With the influence of Asian culture, education is typically highly valued in the household. Many Asian American students tend to perform at a high level in the rigorous course load of exams in the classroom. But Asian Americans with excellent academic performance are not always admitted as they face significant scrutiny and are more recently penalized by what Harvard calls a low “personality score.”

As the bar is significantly higher for them, Asian Americans not only need to score higher on their SAT exams, but they also need to get national recognition in their extracurricular activities such as science fairs, debate, and writing competitions.

For more details about the Asian Americans admitted to elite universities and how to get into Stanford or other elite universities, here is an infographic from Admissionsight.

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