4 Steps for Communicating With Your Kids

Being a parent comes with many responsibilities that might make it challenging to have a proper conversation with the kids. Due to busy daily schedules like going to work, most parents lack time to bond and communicate with their children. Apart from the everyday conversations with your child, there are times they need attention, advice, and someone they can talk to. If you are a parent looking to strengthen your bond and connect with your child, this article provides you with tips and steps to follow for effective communication.

Practice active listening

When communicating with your child, it is crucial to listen to them actively. At times all they want to feel is someone cares for them deeply. There are various ways to act around your child when they are talking to you. One, you should mind your body language, such as maintaining eye contact when speaking. It would be best if you also tried to reply positively in order to make them feel comfortable. Also, try to avoid cutting off the conversation when they are still talking since it will distract them.

Try to speak their language

As a parent trying to understand their child, remember that you are not dealing with a grown-up. Therefore, how you respond to their questions should match the language your child is using. Such will make your child feel like you understand what they are saying, hence giving them more confidence. Avoid using complex terms that might confuse them; instead, use the exact phrase they are using. By doing so, your kid will be comfortable approaching you anytime they have issues they want to talk about because they feel you understand them.

Share your opinions and thoughts

Sharing what you think with your child will help them to understand your thoughts for them to act accordingly. In most cases, you will find a child confused about how to do certain things or how to behave around new friends. As a parent, you can always ask them how they want to do it just to know their thoughts. After that, you can now share your opinion according to the understanding of what your child wants.

Mind your voice and tone

It is very important for every parent to learn conscious parenting in order to relate well with the kids. One of the mistakes that most parents make is talking to their children in a harsh tone. Most kids develop fear at an early age due to how their parents speak to them. It is usual for parents to feel overwhelmed at times resulting in attitudes, but that should be avoided when dealing with a child. When communicating with your kid, make sure to use a calm voice and avoid shouting so that they don’t adopt the same behavior.

Suppose you are finding it hard to create time to communicate with your children; try to schedule a day for a family meeting. During the meeting, you can now let your children talk about the issues affecting them, and you will follow the above points for effective communication.


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