10 Tips To Score Above 400 in BITSAT

BITSAT, the entrance exam for BITS Pilani is one of the most unique exams in many aspects. This exam is taken by lakhs of students every year who compete with each other to secure a seat in the prestigious institute. This article consists of views of Garv Nagori (BITSAT 2021 Score – 414), one of the top scorers of BITSAT whose testimonial can be seen here. It will give you insight into crucial aspects of the exam which if taken care of can help you ace this exam with flying colours. 

  1. Format of exam: It is very important to get used to the proper format of the exam. The exam has 150 questions belonging to Maths/Biology (45), Chemistry (40), Physics (40), English Proficiency (15) and Logical Reasoning (10). The marking scheme is +3 / – 1 for each correct and incorrect answer respectively. 3 hrs are given to complete the test. 
  1. Bonus questions: This is perhaps one of the most unique features of the BITSAT exam; if the candidate can attempt all 150 questions in the given time, he/she is provided with 12 more bonus questions, 4 belonging to each of P, C and M/B. The total marks secured by candidates are evaluated out of 450 though. If you practice relevant mock tests well in advance, you can take advantage of bonus questions. 
  1. Level of questions: It is extremely important to look at the level of questions asked in BITSAT before starting the preparation. Most of the students who are already preparing for the JEE Main and Advanced exam keep on practising at the same level and end up scoring less than what they can achieve with the appropriate strategy. Many test series have questions way more difficult than one being asked in exam however some test series are very accurate in determining the correct level of questions. BITSAT Test Series By Masterclass Space is one such test series which is at par of real BITSAT. Take this test series and practice well. 
  1. Unique paper for each candidate: The least known fact about BITSAT is that each candidate gets a unique paper that is not the same as any other paper. Questions for each candidate get randomly selected from a very exhaustive question bank. This also establishes the fact that there is no official previous year paper of BITSAT as it is impossible to share that whole question bank. All previous year’s papers available on internet are just memory based. BITSAT does not open any official paper. So, do not run behind searching PYQs. Just do mock tests. 
  1. Practice, Practice, Practice: Many candidates do not take practice sessions of BITSAT seriously which can impact them badly in the actual exam. Since the level and format of this exam is very different from other exams, it becomes of utmost importance to have taken a good number of mock tests in actual exam settings to get the best score. In BITSAT, time is less so practice can only help.
  1. Take Test Series by BITSians: Many institutes offer Mock Test Series for BITSAT but there is a test series, by Masterclass Space, which has been exclusively prepared by alumni of BITS-Pilani. This gives candidates the best-resembling test series as the level of this series is decided by BITSians themselves. It is premium BITSAT test series available and the Best BITSAT Test Series available as BITSians know inside out of the level of BITSAT. Just go for it.
  1. Analyse: Students taking mock tests must develop the habit of analysing the result of every paper they attempt. It is important to identify and work on weaker sections before moving to new tests. Attempting a test without analysis might lead to little or no improvement and hence less efficiency. 
  1. Shorter duration of test: Though BITSAT gives you 3 hrs, if you practice to finish in around 2.5 hrs, you can perform better in the real test. Time analysis is also given in BITSAT Test Series By Masterclass Space will help you a lot in managing time. 
  1. Meditation or relaxation: It is important to relax while preparing for competitive exams. Taking small breaks, meditation in the morning or some relaxation exercise helps a lot in enhancing your efficiency. 
  1. Master BITSAT Test Series: Master Series prepared by Masterclass Space consists of 30 tests which include many tests with bonus questions also. You can consider taking this test series for practising bonus questions. 

For your motivation, I am putting my scorecard of BITSAT 2021. If I can do it, you too can.

This article aims to help all BITS aspirants to realise their dream and help them in the best possible way. You can take a free demo test on the Mobile App – BITSAT Test Series By Masterclass Space or desktop platform of Masterclass Space. I would highly recommend taking Master Series having 30 tests to master exam preparation. You can subscribe to telegram channel – BITSAT Test Series BY Masterclass Space for free study resources. 

Best Wishes!

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